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Are you thrilled about the prospect of getting your thoughts and ideas you have for a book from your mind to paper? Do you anticipate reading your completed manuscript will thrill your editor as much as it does you? Are you eager to have a successful book launch that will allow you to sell all of your book inventory and then take many additional orders? Do you envision hitting the road with back-to-back speaking engagements to promote your new book? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then STOP! Before going any further, read this book – “Don’t Make This $15,000 Self-Publishing Mistake: How to Effectively Count the Financial Cost of Becoming a Self-Published Author.” Author and Book Business Consultant Jill-Capri Simms shares the often suppressed, yet vital information about the publishing industry. Information that both aspiring and published authors are unaware, yet need to know. Equipped with the information contained in this book, aspiring and published authors will be better positioned to make appropriate strategic decisions about the direction to take their literary work. If you have not yet calculated the cost to produce or evolve your literary work, now is the time. Through her own book business challenges and tough literary lessons, Jill reveals key questions to ask, doors to open, stones to turn, and expenses to tally. Don’t wait! Read on!

Don't Make This $15,000 Self-Publishing Mistake

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