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For those who have encountered or who have yet to encounter Him [the Holy Spirit], this book is for you! Within 21 days, Jill-Capri Simms (author, entrepreneur & radio show host) pens her personal Encounters with the Third Person from the time she gave her life to Christ in 1998. From her first prayer vigil to her obedience to give her car away to a total stranger, Jill experienced first-hand the manifestation of the Helper—our Comforter—on numerous occasions and shares the “unadulterated truth” to inspire others. On September 20, 2010, the Lord commissioned Jill to dedicate 21 days to Him to write how the Holy Spirit had moved in her life since accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior on Easter Sunday, 1998. Jil presumed she would write one event per day. Not so! The first day she sat down to type, a flood of activities came back to her remembrance. She could not type fast enough. Now, Jill is committed to using the talent of writing that God has given her for His glory.


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