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Do you go through the motions of going to church, but still feel distant from God? Do you question whether God is truly present when you most need Him? Are you perplexed by how to address God when in the middle of a very unique and trying situation? Are you unclear on the meanings of the various names of God? In “I Am: Who is I Am? I Am Who Is!” minister Jill-Capri Simms provides real-life vignettes on how to entreat and engage the Great I Am, by His very specific name and role you need to garner His attention. An entrepreneur, conference and media broadcast host, Jill shares very intimate details of how God the Creator showed up (or could have been called upon) in the form needed during her roll-over car accident, when a friend was on a heart transplant list, in relationships, when rejected, and more. Through practical tips, humorous stories, and even less-than-pleasant situations, she shows the Believer who is stuck, feels depleted or functions with lack-luster, how to fit God into one’s life puzzle, in order to gain peace. In these pages you’ll discover: How to align your need with who God can and will be in your given situation How to increase the depth of your relationship by knowing and identifying God by His specific name How to increase your confidence in your Christian walk by personally experiencing God, through an enhanced awareness of who He is God wants a deeper relationship with you; and the depth of your relationship with God can be all that you want it to be. It is your choice! If you want more, but aren’t quite sure how to get it, this book is for you.

I Am

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