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A person can likely conjure opinions, presumptions, or even Google and discover the psychology behind giving. But we decided to simply ask others “Why Give?” And that’s precisely what we did in late-2017 via an essay/poetry contest by the same name. The result? Our panel of five literary judges identified three top prize winners and 13 finalists who so eloquently expressed their reasons for giving. 


The next step was to compile and share the reasons for giving into the “Why Give?” anthology. Additionally, three of the contest judges and several post-contest writers submitted their giving reasons for inclusion in our anthology. The reasons were as diverse as they were creative: give because it’s the right thing to do; give to receive; give not expecting a return; give because the act equates to love…and more!


Are you a deliberately generous giver? What about an obedient or constrained giver? Whether it’s giving of financial resources, time, talent or wisdom what’s your motive for giving? Compare your reason(s) for giving with those expressed by our writers. Open the pages of this anthology. You’ll soon discover the act of giving is far from a banal or cavalier gesture. You’ll see the explanations range from gleeful…to exhilarating…and even to euphoric!

Why Give?

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